Penn Association of Senior and Emeritus Faculty FAQs about the Speakers Bureau

Is the Speakers Bureau operating during the pandemic? 

Yes! Our speakers have given a number of talks remotely via Zoom or similar platforms. Needless to say, we hope for a resumption of in-person activities soon. If in doubt during a transitional period, be sure to ask prospective speakers whether they are comfortable speaking in person or prefer to remain virtual.

Who may use the Speakers Bureau?

PASEF offers its Speakers Bureau as a resource for organizations in the Philadelphia area that host talks for their members or for the general public. Examples of who may use the Bureau include retirement communities, service clubs, religious congregations, civic groups, and secondary schools in Philadelphia and nearby counties of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.

Is there any charge for using the Speakers Bureau?

No. PASEF, with support from the University of Pennsylvania, disseminates information about speakers as a free public service.

How do I find a PASEF speaker?

Just go the Roster of Speakers link on the PASEF website (or click here). The roster lists speakers, their areas of expertise, and (often) the titles of specific talks they are prepared to offer. For each speaker, there is also a short biographical sketch or link to an online bio. After looking over the roster, simply decide which speaker or speakers might be a good fit for your organization. All speakers on the PASEF roster are former or present tenured professors at the University of Pennsylvania. They have decades of experience in the classroom and as presenters at conferences and colloquia. They are renowned authorities in their fields, usually with national or international reputations.

How do I invite a PASEF speaker?

All invitations should be issued directly to the prospective speaker, rather than channeled through PASEF. The Roster includes a phone number and/or email address for each member of the Speakers Bureau.

Do PASEF speakers require compensation?

Compensation, if any, is up to the sponsoring organization and the speaker. If it is an organization's practice to provide an honorarium or fee, most PASEF speakers gladly will accept it. However, many are also happy to speak gratis to suitable non-profit groups. Organizers and speakers should also agree beforehand on whether travel costs will be reimbursed. If the talk accompanies or follows a meal, the speaker should be treated as the guest of the sponsoring organization.

Can I be sure that a PASEF speaker will accept my invitation?

By agreeing to be listed on PASEF's Speakers Bureau roster, an individual expresses willingness to receive and consider invitations. However, whether a speaker will agree to any specific request depends on scheduling, travel distance, the fit between the organization's needs and the speaker's interests, etc. It is always wise for an organizer to issue invitations well in advance and to be prepared to seek alternative speakers, whether from PASEF's roster or other sources.

What are the responsibilities of a sponsoring organization?

The organizer provides an audience, venue, and publicity, plus a moderator or chair to introduce the speaker, organize discussion or Q and A, and close the session. The speaker's responsibility is to arrive on time and be prepared to talk.

What audio-visual technology do PASEF speakers expect?

There are no general requirements, but audio-visual needs and resources should always be discussed at the time an invitation is extended. If amplification or projection equipment will be used, please encourage the speaker and your own tech support person to arrive early enough to set up and test equipment before the talk begins. If the talk is to be delivered remotely, be sure that the speaker has and is familiar with the platform that your organization uses.

What if I have a question not answered above?

Please contact the PASEF Office at 215-746-5972 or