Speakers Bureau List of Topics

Alphabetical List of Topics [Speakers]

Art, Architecture, Cinema, and Design

Economics and Finance

  • Philadelphia's Economy: Past, Present, Future [Walter Licht]
  • The U.S. Economy in Historic Global Perspective [Walter Licht]
  • The Rise and Fall of American Trade Unionism [Walter Licht]

Health, Medicine, Biology

History, Culture, Literature

International Affairs, Politics, Policy, and Law 

  • BDS: What is the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Movement [Ian Lustick]
  • The Crisis of Our Two Constitutions [Rogers M. Smith]
  • How to Slay the Gerrymander Now that SCOTUS Has Fled the Field of Battle [Jack Nagel]
  • Is the Constitution an Impediment to Democracy in America? [Jack Nagel]
  • Israel and the Palestinians: From Two-State Solution to One-State Reality [Ian Lustick]
  • Toward Better Stories of American Identity [Rogers M. Smith]
  • Trends and Transformations in American Racial Politics [Rogers M. Smith]
  • What is a "paradigm" and how does it "shift?" [Ian Lustick]
  • What is "critical theory" and is it dangerous? [Ian Lustick]
  • Where did Zionism come from and where is it going? [Ian Lustick]
  • Why is rationality so often the problem rather than the solution? [Ian Lustick]

Psychology, Education, and Relationships

Regional Science and Sociology

  • Race and Gender Differentials in the U.S. Workplace: A Review of the Evidence on the Sources [Janice Madden]
  • Race and NFL Coaching: My Insider's Story of the Implementation and Success of the Rooney Rule [Janice Madden]

Religion and Philosophy