Retirement Guide to Retirement Communities

We have assembled information about continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs) in the Philadelphia region, including many where Penn faculty and retirees currently reside and have been resident recently. The information in our report has been provided by the CCRCs and sourced from their websites. We hope you find this information useful if you are considering moving to a CCRC. Retirement communities are constantly developing or otherwise changing their living arrangements, amenities, and cost structure, and it is important to check directly with the CCRCs you are considering for up-to-date information. The information provided here is a good starting point. The report gives contact information for each of the CCRCs.

The PASEF office has contact information for Penn faculty and retirees currently living in the listed CCRCs, and you may email if you wish to talk to residents about their experience at a CCRC.

The initial report on CCRCs, completed in 2014, was prepared by Howard Goldfine, James Saunders, and Heidi George. An update compiled by Paul Shaman and Lois Evans and posted in 2019 added two CCRCs in Philadelphia, Simpson House and Watermark at Logan Square, to the original 14, as well as the introductory section describing the types of CCRCs and listing web resources. 

The current document, updated by Paul Shaman, will be expanded soon to include Quadrangle and Fountain View at Logan Square (formerly known as Watermark at Logan Square). The 15 communities included here are not-for-profit organizations. Most of them offer Type A contracts, and some have a Type B contract option. The latter typically requires lower entrance fees. Jenner’s Pond and Simpson House, both Simpson communities, are fee-for-service communities with Type C contracts and relatively low entrance fees.

Report on continuing care retirement communities.